A Guide to Securing Your Home Perimeter

Did you know that most home break-ins occur during the day? It makes sense when you consider the fact that an intruder wants to get in and out without being noticed, which is why so many target homes during the day when you’re likely at work.

This makes having a secure home perimeter even more important, as a secure looking property is one of the biggest deterrents for a burglar. They want an easy job with minimal risks, so the more visibly secure your home is the less likely you are to be a victim of a break-in.

Check out these home security tips for how to be secure your home perimeter to prevent break-ins:

Improve Your Gate and Fence

An overlooked aspect of a secure home is the fencing and gates. This doesn’t need to be anything major either – even just upgrading locks and bolts on your gates makes a big difference securing your home from a break-in.

Another option for good home security is to install a large fence and gate to make accessing your perimeter that bit more difficult. Metal gates offer enhanced security compared to wooden gates, being much more difficult to force open and climb over, while adding a trellis to the top of a wooden fence makes climbing more difficult too.

Remember – always keep front and back gates locked and closed to display how secure your perimeter is

Don’t Forget About Outdoor Buildings

Outdoor buildings don’t always get the same security treatment a house, which makes them a notable target for break-ins. Sheds, garages, workshops and other outdoor buildings should always have a secure lock and windows installed to deter any would-be intruders.

A large, robust padlock that is clearly visible is a good idea for outdoor buildings, while battery-operated alarms could be a worthwhile investment. Also, never leave your ladders outside of the shed, as these can be used by savvy burglars to aid with a break-in!

Maintain Hedges and Shrubs

Shrubs and hedges offer a nice aesthetic for your outdoor living area and provide a decent amount of privacy around your property, but they are also helpful for intruders looking to break in unseen.

Overgrown foliage provides a great cover for burglars, so always make sure your hedges, bushes, trees and other plants are well maintained. Better still, plant some thorny shrubs to really protect your perimeter.

Keep a Well Lit Outdoor Area

Darkness is the perfect cover for a would-be intruder, so the less dark spots around your home the better. The easiest way to do this is to simply install an outdoor floodlight. A motion-controlled floodlight will illuminate any dark spots around your home should someone be lurking, making them a great deterrent.

These are a great addition to the front and back areas around your home, but there are other forms of lighting that can be just as useful. Outdoor LED lights offer a nice aesthetic and can keep pathways, driveways, and other areas well-lit.

Install a Security Camera

Home security cameras are one of the most effective deterrents available. The sight of a security camera on your home perimeter is a sure-fire way to prevent a break-in, as smarter criminals won’t want anything to do with it.

Moreover, should the worst-case scenario occur then you have a strong chance of getting footage of the intruder to help catch them.