An introduction to Slumberland Mattresses

Slumberland Company started within the United kingdom in 1919 and it has earned a status to be a specialist within the bed mattress industry. Slumberland mattresses and pillows are made and particularly created using consumers needs in your mind. All of the goods are manufactured using Slumberland fillings, fabric and latest spring technology systems. Having a strong brand existence of 90 years in the market, it’s been voted like a Superbrand 2012 with a survey conducted one of the public.

Slumberland mattresses could be categorised into two sorts namely Posture Flex collection and Posture Pocket collection. The Posture Flex has Rhine, Shannon, Waveney Backcare, Blue Seal, Red Seal and Crimson Seal under its collection. The Gathering is appropriate for the entire family featuring high density foam for any sound night of sleep.

Rhine – Includes over 500 individual springs, hands tufted filling, foam encapsulated for added support and fibre for that ultimate comfort.

Shannon – It’s appropriate for bedsteads with posture flex springs support. The quilted bed mattress is foam encapsulated with layers of fibre for optimum comfort.

Waveney Backcare – Greater than 500 pocket springs over the whole sleeping surface with typically handcrafted bed mattress cover.

Blue Seal – It features the Slumberland total edge support system coupled with Sensity filled fabric, containing probiotic microcapsules that keeps the bed mattress hygienic, healthy and fresh.

Red Seal – It’s similar using the Blue Seal model and has the posture flex spring system and Sensity capsule system.

Crimson Seal – Her same features because the Blue and Red Seal except that it’s no turn and needs to be switched regularly,

Posture Pocket collection has Gold Seal, Silver Seal, Bronze Seal, Cushion Memory Plus, Onyx Cushion Memory, Zircon Cushion Memory, Harmony Seal, Octave and Danube under its belt.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Seal- These mattresses include 2700, 2300 and 1900 individual pocket spring units correspondingly for your unparalleled comfortableness and support. These feature the entire edge support system coupled with Sensity micro capsule fabric. Fillings include soft cotton, silk and natural made of woll with storage options.

Cushion Memory Plus, Onyx Cushion Memory and Zircon Cushion Memory – All has the cushion comfort plus fabric and foam air flow system coupled with Slumberland sleep system and Sensity technology.

Harmony Seal – Composed with 800 pocket spring systems and foam encapsulation.

Octave – Has 1200 pocket springs combined with foam capsulation and probiotic micro capsules

Danube – Comes using more than 800 springs for added support, that is appropriate for bedsteads.

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