Quick Things about Boiler Servicing and Repairs!

Did you know that you spend more than half of your annual energy bills on the boiler? Boilers are used extensively during the winter, and if you are using one of the older models, it is likely that you may need repairs and servicing ahead of the peak season. Check below what you must know about using and servicing your appliance and how you can find the best boiler service Rochdale.

Repairs vs. replacement

In case you own a G-rated boiler, make sure to go think of replacement as soon as you can. The breakdowns can be a costly affair, and you are probably paying a huge extra amount for energy bills each year. Repairs are more recommended when you an energy efficient boiler that has been in use for less than a few years. These are basically condensing boilers, which use a bigger heat exchanger, making the models more energy-efficient. After a breakdown, call a professional company and ask them if you should consider repairs or opt for a replacement. Since they can access the current condition of the boiler, they know what may work best in the long run.

When to get servicing done?

It is likely that you may have some issues with your boiler right after you use it after the summer. Experts recommend getting servicing done in the summers. Even the best boilers, especially the ones that are more than three years old, need regular servicing, at least once every year. For the new ones, inspections are enough in two years, unless there’s a major problem. Repairs in the winters can be expensive, and you will have to deal with more consequences because the boiler cannot be used until repaired. In summers, you would have the required buffer time.

Finding a company

When it comes to boiler services, experience counts more than anything else. Check if the service is Gas Safe and OFTEC registered and has its own team of in-house engineers. They must specialize in all leading brands, and some of the better ones are actually accredited and associated with the top companies. Make sure to ask for an estimate in advance, so you can get an idea of the costs. The response time of the company also matters because it may make no sense to wait for days when the boiler can be repaired immediately.

For certain tasks and part replacements, it is possible to get a warranty, as well.