Why Companies Love Roller Shutter Door Products

When you combine stainless steel with a roller shutter design, you have created an imitable product that is unique but worth copying. This type of door design is often chosen in industrial, agricultural, or shop settings. Most doors are electrically operated with a key switch design.

Some of the Door’s Features

You can also have the door made to measure, thereby guaranteeing that it will ideally fit your building’s opening. This type of door is not only electrically controlled but you can use an internal manual override feature as well. The bottom rail can also be configured in an “L” or “T” shape design. Doors of this type usually feature a safety brake and come with a 240-volt single phase tubular motor for power.

Warranties for Roller Doors

This type of door is suitable for face fix and can be made slightly larger to permit additional room on each side for the guides. When selecting stainless steel roller shutter doors for your business, also check out the warranties. Normally, high-quality doors of this type come with 12-month warranties for the parts. In most cases, warranties will not extend to finishes if the doors are fitted near a salt estuary or close to the sea.

Remote Operation

What is nice about these types of doors is how they are simple to use. You do not need to establish any power requirements for the doors. Instead, they can be operated by a remote control device that can be easily plugged into a three-pin plug socket.

Manually Opening and Closing the Door

In case of a power failure, you can revert to the door’s internal manual override system. To use this system, you merely wind the door up or down by hand inside or outside a garage or factory. Adding a door that provides access from the outside is ideal if you do not have use of another access door.

Fitting the Door

When you do operate the remote for the door, it usually works up to a distance of about 50 metres. Also, you can have the door fitted by the company from which you buy it. However, if that is not possible, the company can recommend a professional fitter for installation.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can also fit the door to the opening yourself. All the doors usually come with instructions for installation. Just remember that the company is not responsible for any damages that are caused from a do-it-yourself installation. However, they can provide additional guidance over the phone for any installation that is made.

The headroom required for this type of door is usually about 300 millimetres. However, if the door is installed with fascia, the amount of headroom can be reduced, provided that the height of the door’s opening is sufficient.